About us

How did it all begin?

Since 2009, I have started organizing business travel and visa support, as well as actively traveling. I have visited over 150 cities around the world. But once having gone to Spain, I realized that this is now my second homeland. Because of my love for this country, I learned Spanish and began to travel to different cities several times a year.

My clients, knowing my passion for this country, began to ask me in which city and where it is better to buy real estate, where there are more tourists, and where is it better to live on their own. They often complained to me that it is very difficult to find a reliable realtor who can be trusted.

For this reason, I decided to open a real estate company in Spain, after a year we added new countries and many legal services to support our clients abroad during their stay.

I am an immigration lawyer and an overseas property sales expert. We provide services to clients who dream of purchasing investment property, holiday property or permanent residence. We resolve all issues related to the selection of objects, open accounts, obtain a residence permit or obtain a Golden Visa, provide full support to our clients abroad.

Real estate abroad is not only an investment, but also a lifestyle. Each client is looking for the best property - we help to make this dream come true. It's the art of choosing the best.

Our mission

To create a high level of service in the market for the selection and sale of real estate to form a positive reputation of our citizens as reliable investors and strong players in the foreign real estate market.

Our vision

We want to teach Ukrainian investors to choose the right investment property so that it brings stable passive income.


  • We work only with trusted partners and developers;
  • We provide legal support abroad 24/7;
  • We can assure our customers that the property, which they will acquire will not only secure, but also bring profit;
  • Our principle is to provide support not only during the selection of real estate and the execution of the transaction, but also during your stay in the country.

We guarantee – transparency and reliability of transactions, total confidentiality and support at every stage. We consider it a plus that our clients, even after purchasing real estate, contact us for additional services or new objects.