Residence permit / Golden visa

Permit happens with or without the right to work and gives the opportunity to live in another country an unlimited number of days. Many countries provide a residence permit for the purchase of real estate for a certain amount. Let's take a look at each country individually and its immigration programs.


Each year, interest to this country is growing because of economic stability, the possibility of getting a steady income and an attractive investment program.

The conditions for obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain is an investment in real estate in the amount of 500 thousand euros. A big plus is that in 2015 the Spanish authorities expanded the list of those who can get a residence permit together with an investor. Now the right to the Golden Visa has been granted to the common-law spouses, the applicant's parents and children over 18 years of age, if they are financially dependent on the investor. Also, this visa gives the right to work, which is a big plus, due to the fact that it is not easy to obtain a work permit in Spain. The main condition for obtaining a residence permit is an investment of 500 thousand euros without a mortgage.

Also, when buying real estate in the amount of 300 thousand euros, you can get a residence permit without the right to work and live in the country for an unlimited number of days throughout the year.

The Spanish Golden Visa program ranks first in the number of investors in Europe.


The country is very popular among Ukrainian and foreign investors. Real estate values are constantly increasing due to the increased demand among buyers. Here, too, there is a Golden Visa program, it applies to investors who have invested in residential real estate from 300-350 thousand euros. Residence permit issued to the investor and his family members (spouse / spouse and children under 28 years old if they are students).

For investors who have large capital there is a program for obtaining Cypriot citizenship by investment. If you have bought a property worth 2.5 million euros or more, you are eligible to receive a passport of a Cypriot citizen.


Italy does not provide a residence permit when buying real estate. The country offers 2 programs for obtaining a residence permit. Business immigration for starting a business and Rezidenza elettiva based on the chosen place of residence (this program is suitable for people with high incomes).

Despite the fact that the purchase of real estate in the country does not give an opportunity to get a residence permit, it is still very popular among investors. It is also important to remember that when applying for a residence permit, your own real estate in Italy will be a big plus when considering your case and making a decision.


France is popular among investors and provides a program for obtaining a residence permit for the purchase of real estate. The main requirement is the purchase of an object worth 300 thousand euros or more. A residence permit is granted for 5 years with compulsory residence in the country for at least 183 days a year.


The country's legislation does not provide for obtaining a residence permit by purchasing real estate. The most popular type of obtaining a residence permit is opening a business in Germany, the minimum authorized capital of a company must be 25 thousand euros. Own real estate will be a plus when applying for a residence permit. Also, real estate in Germany can bring you permanent passive income. Apartment houses are very popular in Germany.