Terms of use and form of agreement Art Estate by Iryna Sliusarenko

1. Services of the agency for the sale of foreign real estate Art Estate by Iryna Sliusarenko:
We provide services for the selection of foreign real estate and legal support. The company does not take part in payment under the real estate purchase and sale agreement, but only conducts intermediary activities and provides legal and consulting assistance.

2. Responsibility:
Art Estate by Iryna Sliusarenko is not a representative of the government of Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Cyprus, or any other country. The company is an absolutely independent organization and operates in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and the laws of international law. We are not responsible for the decisions of foreign or Ukrainian banks. We provide information support and are intermediaries between clients and our foreign partners in accordance with cooperation agreements.

3. Consent:
I have completely read this document. I use the services of a company in order to get advice, selection of real estate according to my budget and wishes, to get legal services or help in preparing my documents. I understand that the company does not guarantee that all objects on the website will be available for sale at the time of viewing the site. I understand that the company is not responsible for the decisions of embassies, banks and other organizations and has no influence on them.

Art Estate by Iryna Sliusarenko collects my personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine. The company collects and processes my personal data solely for the purpose of processing my request and providing related services. My personal information may include: my passport details, copies of documents, notary permit, and any documents related to my application.

Art Estate by Iryna Sliusarenko undertakes to comply with the principles of confidentiality of personal data and their protection in accordance with the Law of Ukraine.
I understand that Art Estate by Iryna Sliusarenko receives and saves my personal information only for the purpose of providing me the services that I order from this company.

4. Cookies file policy:
In accordance with the EU privacy directive, we inform you that the Art Estate by Iryna Sliusarenko website accepts the use of Cookies. Cookies are small text files that are transmitted to your device from the website. Cookies are essential for the successful use of the site, they cannot contain malware and cannot harm your device. These files help you to use our website effectively.

If you do not agree with the rules set out above, then you cannot use our services. We reserve the right to change this document at any time, so we recommend that you read the company policy every time you want to use our services..

For all questions you can contact by e-mail: office@isartestate.com