Investments in overseas property

Every year more and more investors are investing in overseas property. Buying a property abroad is beneficial on many points. This is not only a guarantee of savings and a stable income in foreign currency, but also the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for permanent residence abroad.

Main types of real estate investments:

Investing in residential property

Purchase of apartments or houses with subsequent leasing or resale - the most popular and easy way for investors. It is important to consider how liquid an object is, its condition, placement and future market demand. The fundamental error of investor - is to buy an object without studying the market trends and country-specific.

Investments in non-residential fund (office real estate and shopping centers)

Such objects always bring high profits if properly managed by the investor. These objects do not depend on seasonality like residential real estate. With the right approach, this type of investment can be converted into stable passive income and not spend a lot of time doing business.

Hotel property

It can be an investment in a boutique hotel or a large hotel complex. It is always important to check the profitability of a property and calculate the profitability correctly. Such an investment gives the right to obtain a residence permit without any problems and the possibility of personal business.


For our clients, we always choose only proven and profitable real estate. We are confident that we will be able to find the most profitable investment offer for you.